A satisfied customer with cats.

Un produit de très bonne qualité, économique et écologique. Un résultat plus que impeccable. Je le recommande a tous.

Fox l'A. Brussels 

This product is great and the intérior of my Porsche 911 is brand new now. This product is also non-toxic.

Benoît V. Uccle

I have used the DR x derusting product and am totally happy with the result. The problem was an old truck engine which was continuously overheating due to severe rust in the engine and cylinderhead.
I poured the DRX in the engine and let it sit for a few days. Then a thorough cleaning wth a high pressure hose and in an engine washing machine.
The result was astonishing and the owner was totally bewildered by the result.
I will pass on the good news and make good publicity for the DRX and where to order.

Willy V. Sweden

Je confirme que ce produit est extraordinaire ☺☺☺

Deborah M. Bruxelles




I have a motor mechanic that only changes Heavy Duty in his parts washer every 12 – 18 months, He skims the oil off the top and drains the parts washer & cleans it out every 4 – 6 weeks. The product looks filthy but still keeps working for what he is doing. His parts washer is not heated and he uses Heavy Duty as it is and has no signs of corrosion or damage to the parts washer or equipment. If metal parts are to be stored after washing they need to be coated with oil or WD 40.


Customers that have heated parts washers (usually 50 - 60° C) will dilute Heavy duty about 1 part Heavy Duty to 10-20 parts water depending on the severity of the cleaning they perform.


Changing filters in the system if you have should be the same as needed currently.


If parts washer is drained for extended period always flush pumps and hoses with water.

Jind regards


Hello Dwight, 

I'm from a company that builds orthopedic implants. We use screw machines to manufacture our parts which uses straight oil as a coolant. The oil works very well as a coolant but on the other hand difficult to remove from the parts. We recently purchased your Rust remover for another issue were <sic> having with our machines and you had sent a sample of your Heavy Duty Degreaser.

Today were are doing our end of the year maintenance which includes cleaning every machine top to bottom and we typically use Crystal simple Green for all our heavy degreasing. Well I decided to give your Degreaser a try and the results were remarkable. First all I tried a test side by side with the simple green and your degreaser and without any scrubbing dissolved the sticky oil residue when the simple green seemed to have no effect on it.

The second of all when we use the simple green it put off harsh vapor that causes your lungs to burn when inhaled and with your Degreaser I had no such effect. As far as I'm concerned were <sic> are done with Simple Green and we are replacing it with you heavy duty degreaser.


Sean Bradley
Manufacturing Lead
Richland, WA

Mr. Foster, 

My name is Sharon Grammer, the president of Scrubily. We are a residential and commercial cleaning company from Fenton, Missouri. We purchased an initial gallon of Ultra One Heavy Duty four months ago. We were looking for an environmentally safe product that actually worked.

Our initial use for the Heavy Duty cleaner was as a degreaser. We perform a lot of move out cleanings. The kitchen and bathrooms are usually very dirty and greasy. We were amazed at the results. My technicians can hardly believe how well it works. They can use less elbow grease to get the job done.

We have since replaced our glass cleaner, degreaser, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner and tile floor cleaner. We love how easy it is to dilute. It puts a shine on the surface after it's cleaned.

We also use the G 5 on extremely greasy and dirty areas. It's a gel cleaner so it clings to the surface. It truly works miracles on bathtubs, showers and stoves.

As an owner, I want to protect my workers. There are no harsh odors to breathe in. It's safe on all surfaces. This is truly a green product. It's practical and cost effective.

Ultra One products are a win win for my company and technicians! We absolutely love them!

Best Regards, 

Sharon Grammer 

Amazing Cleaner, Non Toxic 

I love this product because it's non toxic and is great at removing stains and cleaning well. I have removed pen marks from shirts, goo from the top of the refrigerator, ground in dirt from floors not washed in a long time just to name a few. The price is great as well because the liquid is concentrated so you can make it go a long way by adding it to water for cleaning.

For tough stains, I use the direct concentrated liquid. I use this product to clean in our clinic, especially toys, since it is non toxic and safe for kids to use after cleaning.

J. Fortner

Use it to believe the benefits. It really works wonders! 

We started using Ultra One cleaning products for household needs over 6 months back. Ultra One all purpose cleaner, heavy duty degreaser and g-5 gel. The all purpose is effective enough to clean most of the house, kids toys, strollers and car seats. Heavy duty for oven, grill, car, deck, etc.

We use gel - 5 on areas that need extra soaking to get grime off. Our cleaning maid has never used anything better and safer. She and I find no fumes when the products are sprayed, there is no skin or eye irritation.

Instead of using 5 different products, which I used to stock previously, we do wonderfully well on just these Ultra One products. And we have done away with cleaning gloves entirely.

My maid recently started her own cleaning business, and she is exclusively using Ultra One for all her customers.

It is a green and safe product, and works extremely well.

Good product.

We were most motivated to purchase in order to try and clean the grime and burnt-on grease on our toaster oven. It took a few application and some scrubbing but it did better than any other cleaning product we have ever used.

Also works well on granite surfaces. 


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