Safest Rust Remover is ideal for removing rust from fuel tanks.

Make sure you do this in a well vented area or outside
Remove the tank

  • Empty the tank completely
  • Clean the tank with a good degreaser ( Ultra One Heavy Duty or other)
  • If you use 2-stroke, make sure you remove all traces of oil ( brake cleaner) as oil and water don't mix
  • Prepare your safest Rust Remover mixture and pour it in the tank
  • Close the tank and place it in a warm place (on the radiator or in the sun)
  • Turn every 2-3 hours so all the inner surface of the tank was covered
  • Drain the solution, filter it and keep it until your next derusting project
  • Rinse the tank with water, dry it and cover the inner surface with a proper paint/sealant/product from your bike shop

Have a look at the video: