How to use Safest Rust Remover: Dipping or Continuous Shower?

SafestRustRemover does not contain acid so it won't remove rust in two minutes nor will it work by simply brushing it onto the surface. The unique composition of SafestRustRemover requires the rusted surface to remain soaking wet for however the length of time required for the rust to safely dissolve and fall off the rusted surface. 

Dilution: The "Ready to use" solution can be used right away. If you have purchased the concentrated solution you just add 4 parts of water : eg. 100ml concentrated SafestRustRemover + 400ml water = 500ml solution SafestRustRemover ready to use. 

Preparation: Objects - items - parts - whatever you decide to de-rust, need to be free of mud, dirt, loose rust, grease and oil etc. Why, because even though the product would overcome the extra dirt, rust, grease and oil and still de-rust your part, you would have shortened the life of its performance greatly. Also a warmer ambient temperature will accelerate the process ( 20°c-50°c).

Two simple and very efficient ways to remove rust:

1. Dip Process:

Small or large items not attached to anything or that are easy to detach are best dipped. This can be done very efficiently by containing the item in the smallest area possible requiring the least amount of volume of SafestRustRemover to contact the entire surface needed to be de-rusted. 

This can also be accomplished by containing the item in a sling or diaper like containment boom bag, blocked together with temporary wood sides and a plastic paint tarp for a liner to hold the liquid.

2. Continuous Shower Recirculation Process:

Ideal for doing large items in place, it requires a pump to continuously recirculate the product over the rusted area with a catch tarp of some type to hold enough product in the area to let the pump keep its prime to keep re circulating the product over the area untill the rust has all been dissolved. A simple sump pump and a garden hose have done everything to date on our website.